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We are the main importers of Bergmann machinery for Ireland.

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Cow Due Date Calculator

Posted 9/2/2017

Coming from a farming background we know the struggles of daily farming. 

Here is a free calculator to help you to calculate the estimated due date of your cows after having them scanned.

Click the image to download the excel file and input the  list of your cows and their scanned days.

We hope you like this!


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Spreader Application Rate Calculator

Posted 8/7/2015

Spreader CalculatorSpreader Calculator

Want to know how much manure you are applying to the land?

Use our online calculator to help you work this out.

<Click the image to go to calculator

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Bergmann Spreader Video

Posted 23/1/2015

A great video from above showing the fine spread of the Bregmann TSW Spreaders

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BERGMANN Grain Transfer Trailer GTW 430

Posted 23/1/2015

BERGMANN has developed this grain transfer trailer GTW 430 as a pioneering chaser bin which placed them at the top of the market. The GTW 430 can easily service three modern large combine harvesters with its 43 m³ capacity

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FTMTA Grass & Muck 2014

Posted 26/5/2014

TSW 5210TSW 5210

Out in the dung spreading demonstrations this outfit, a Bergmann TSW 5210 and Fendt 720, both in pristine condition.

The feedback from the onlookers was immense as everyone was so impressed with the fine spread and breakdown of the material.



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FTMTA Grass & Muck 2014

Posted 7/5/2014

The Bergmann Carex 39K picking up some grass the week before the event to get the start of setting up under way. Might have been a little wet in places but the big Nokian tyres certainly kept the ground damage very low.

Machine been pulled by a 230hp Claas 840. A very comfortable tractor and having a great lock in combination with the slim drawbar design on the wagon made getting around as easy as a MF35 on the the way to the bog.



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